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Reading: Copy Editing of the Journal Articles


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Copy Editing of the Journal Articles


Rohana P Mahaliyanaarachchi

Editor in Chief, Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka, PO Box 02, Belihuloya, LK
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Here I would like make your attention to the importance of copy editing of articles before publishing in a journal. Copy editing can be done by author himself or by the editorial office of the journal for accepted articles for publication. Copy editing is a process that guarantees that the text of the article is correct in terms of grammar, spelling, punctuations, terminology, and formatting. It is also a role of copy editors to ensure the flow of the article and make sure it is sensible and readable. They are also responsible for adding headers, headlines, banners, footnotes and other improvements for the article wherever necessary.

Copy editors require a number of skills such as excellent command of the language, ability to identify inconsistencies of the article and should be able to identify factual errors. Sometimes, even though the quality of study is high, language deficiencies occur due to language barriers of non-native writers.  Standard copy-editing of an article helps international researchers to eliminate language barriers and accept their work and publish in prestigious international journals. Therefore, it is an important requirement in today’s publishing business to copy edit ensure the quality of the article, book or any other piece of writing.

From this volume, the Journal of Agricultural Sciences seriously consider of copy editing and all the papers published in this issue are copy edited by a professional copy editor. Our effort is to produce the highest quality journal in the field of agricultural sciences by ensuring all the quality aspects of a prestigious journal. While we are not looking towards gaining any financial benefit via the publishing of this journal, we must appreciate the support given by the top administration of the Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka in publishing this journal by providing substantial funds.

At present, the JAS has been included in more than 35 journal databases including AGRICOLA, AGORA, Cabi Abstracts, TEEL and DOAJ. It depicts the wider acceptance of JAS by international citations and journal databases. This is an indicator for our progress in the quality of our journal during past years. There were many personages behind this success. Accordingly, the honour of this success effort must go to Dr. Chandrika Dissanayake - Coordinating Editor of JAS, Mr Prasad C. Iddamalgoda, Mr. Udesh Gayan Kumara, Ms Suiox Cummings and Andy Nobes of SLJOL, all the authors, reviewers and also the members of the Editorial Committee.

How to Cite: Mahaliyanaarachchi, R.P., 2017. Copy Editing of the Journal Articles. Journal of Agricultural Sciences – Sri Lanka, 12(1). DOI:
Published on 01 Jan 2017.


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