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Reading: Effect of Re-Using Vernalization Bulbs on Growth and Development of Lilies


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Effect of Re-Using Vernalization Bulbs on Growth and Development of Lilies


Debora Herlina,

Indonesian Ornamental Crops Research Institute, Jln. Raya Pacet-Ciherang, Po Box 8 Sindanglaya, Cianjur, Jawa Barat 43253, ID
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Budi Winarto

Central Java Assessment Institute for Agriculture Technology, Jl. Soekarno Hatta KM.26 No.10, Kotak Pos 124, Tegalsari, Bergas Lor, Bergas, Semarang, 50552, ID
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Purpose: Selecting bulbs based on their quality as planting materials is a critical point in obtaining high qualified growth and development of lilies, however published reports in re-using bulbs on cultivation of lilies were still limited. Objective of the research was to reveal effect of re-using vernalization bulbs on growth and development of lily. The research was conducted in plastic house of Segunung Experimental Gerden, Indonesian Ornamental Crops Research Institute.


Research Method: Materials used in the study were lily bulbs harvested from the third cultivation period of Asiatic lily, Lilium ‘Delina’, L. ‘Liana’, L. longiflorum and L. ‘Renata’; two bulb sizes of them were grade A and B. The experiment was arranged in split plot design with three replications. Main plot was two bulb sizes of the grade A and B; while sub-plot was five lily varieties of Asiatic, Delina, Liana, Longiflorum and Renata.


Findings: Results of the study revealed that re-utilizing lily bulbs harvested from third cultivation period still had high potential in obtaining better growth and development of lily both vegetatively and generatively. The such bulbs kept resulting in optimal growth performances in all lilies tested. Higher bulb sizes produced better lily performances vegetatively and generatively; grade A > grade B in the most varieables observed, while lily varieties indicated varied responses in all variables observed. The best variety of lily growth and preformances vegetatively was showed by Longiflorum, however better generative growth and performances was noted on Liana. While in interaction effect, grade A of Delina gave better results in initial influorescent formation after 71.3 days after culture with 102.3 days initial flower buds opened, 100% plants flowered, 3 flower buds per plant, 18.7 cm flower bud diameter and 45mm bulb diameter. The results of the study gave evidents that re-utilizing lily bulbs derived from third cultivation period still could be applied to produce better quality and quantity of lily flowers.


Limitations: The limitations of the research are apparent to the fact that the research was only focused on re-utilization of lily bulbs harvested from third cultivation period.


Originality/ Value: Results of the research can be used as important considerations for growers and farmers on producing maximal lily flower on fulfilling market and customer demand under re-utilization of lily bulbs.

How to Cite: Herlina, D. and Winarto, B., 2019. Effect of Re-Using Vernalization Bulbs on Growth and Development of Lilies. Journal of Agricultural Sciences – Sri Lanka, 14(2), pp.92–101. DOI:
Published on 01 May 2019.
Peer Reviewed


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